The Primary Care Program TM

More than a family doctor.

At Primary, we don't believe in one-off consultations. We have designed the Primary Care program to offer you long-term, preventive, and supportive care.

The Primary Care Program TM.

You benefit from personalized support with a physician who accompanies you over time and an annual preventive assessment to take stock of your health. At no extra cost.

A referring physician.
To provide effective care, it is important to know you well. You benefit from a referring physician who is your main point of contact and follows you in the long term.

An annual preventive check-up.
Prevention is better than cure. Your physician commits to seeing you at least once a year for a personalized clinical assessment and to monitor your health goals. It's also an opportunity to ensure that you are up to date with your screenings to identify or prevent your major health issues in advance.

A coordination team.
Our medical assistants guide you throughout your care journey and are your first point of contact in case of an emergency. If needed, they can answer your questions or assist you in finding an appointment with a specialist from our network.

A medical messaging service.
Stay in touch with your physician, wherever you are! Simplify your communications with the clinic and ask all your questions to your medical team through the application. If necessary, your physician can suggest continuing the discussion via teleconsultation or an in-office appointment. We strive to make this as easy and smooth for you as possible.

Guaranteed continuity of care.
Having a primary care physician is good, having a team is better. In case your primary care physician is unavailable, all the physicians in the clinic have access to your medical records to ensure quick and seamless treatment.

Priority time slots.
Some emergencies cannot always wait. In case of an emergency, benefit from priority time slots reserved for patients of the 'Primary Care' program. And if your physician is not available, you can see another physician from the clinic who will have access to all the information in your medical file.


How to join the program?

To be part of the program, you need to choose a referring physician in one of our clinics. It's important to choose a physician you're comfortable with.

We will then schedule an initial preventive assessment within 3 months. In return, you commit to being followed, except in exceptional cases, by this physician. Talk to your medical team during your next visit to the clinic.

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