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Your modern medical practice.

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Primary is not just a traditional medical clinic.
An extraordinary care experience.

Your reinvented family doctor.

Long-term care. Strengthened prevention. For a healthier life.

Appointments within 24 hours, always on time.

A personalized preventive medical program.

An attentive team, who truly knows you.

An app to manage your health wherever you are.

Your health at your fingertips

  • Manage your in-person or virtual appointments.
  • Ask your team questions via messages 6 days a week.
  • Doctor's summary after each consultation.
  • View, download, and share your documents.
  • Receive long-term reminders and advice.
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The Primary Careprogram

A team that supports you in the long run, it changes everything. Join the 'Primary Care' Program for better support.

A personal family doctor

To provide you with good care, it is necessary to know you well. You benefit from a personal family doctor who is your main point of contact and supports you in the long term.

A coordination team.

Our medical assistants guide you throughout your care journey and are your first point of contact in case of an emergency.

An annual preventive check-up.

Prevention is better than cure. Your physician commits to seeing you at least once a year for a personalized clinical assessment and to monitor your health goals.

A medical messaging service.

Stay in touch with your physician, wherever you are! Simplify your communications with the clinic and ask all your questions to your medical team through the application.

Guaranteed continuity of care

Having a primary care physician is good, having a team is better. In case your family doctor is unavailable, all the physicians in the clinic have access to your medical records to ensure quick and seamless treatment.

Priority time slots

Some emergencies cannot always wait. Benefit from priority time slots reserved for patients of the 'Primary Care' Program in case of emergencies.

Clinics that feel like home.

Hospitality, attention, care. Make appointments from Monday to Saturday, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. (until 1 p.m. on Saturdays).


How to join the Primary Care program?

To be part of the program, you need to choose a personal GP in one of our clinics. It's important to choose a physician you're comfortable with.

We will then schedule an initial preventive assessment within 3 months. In return, you commit to being followed, except in exceptional cases, by this physician. Talk to your medical team during your next visit to the clinic.

How much does a consultation cost at Primary?

The doctors practicing at Primary clinics operate under Sector 1 Agreement with French national health insurance and therefore do not charge any additional fees. The base rate for a consultation is €25. This can vary, within the limits set by the French Health Insurance, if certain technical acts are performed during the consultation (e.g., electrocardiogram, comprehensive assessment).

Consultations at Primary are reimbursed by the Social Security. For a basic consultation of €25:

  • The remaining charge, usually reimbursed by your mutual health insurance, is €7.5.
  • The remaining charge is €0 in some cases (among others: patients suffering from long-term illnesses for all treatments related to their condition, pregnant women from the 6th month of pregnancy, beneficiaries of the CSS (formerly CMU-C), beneficiaries of AME).

How do consultations proceed at Primary?

Consultations are carried out in two stages for better care and to allow the physician to focus on treatment.

You will first be taken care of for a 5-minute pre-consultation with a medical assistant, who will ask you questions about the reason for your visit, review your medical history, and take your vital signs (blood pressure, etc.). You will then enter a consultation with your physician.

How much do the annual preventive check-ups cost?

The annual preventive check-ups are consultations designed to assess your health. They are charged at the same rate and subject to the same conditions as regular consultations.

How to download the Primary app?

To download the Primary app, go to the Google Play Store (for Android phones) or the App Store (for iPhones). The use of the app is reserved for patients of Primary medical clinics. In order to be able to log in, you must first have made an appointment in one of our clinics.

How do you secure personal health data?

Your data benefits from the highest security standards:

  • Only your medical team can access your data.
  • All your data is stored in France, on a certified HDS infrastructure ('Hébergeur de Données de Santé').
  • You remain in control at all times. For more information on your rights regarding your personal data, we invite you to read our Privacy Policy.

The CSS (formerly CMU-C) / AME are they accepted at Primary?

Yes, Primary accepts the Complémentaire Santé Solidaire and the Aide Médicale de l’Etat.