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The medical practiceof your dreams.

At Primary, practice independently with peace of mind. We free up your time so you can focus on what matters most: your patients' health.

Our model at Primary.

Our doctors work as a team and rely on motivated medical assistants to make their daily lives easier.

An exceptional work environment. We have designed human-sized, welcoming offices equipped with modern facilities and common areas for gatherings among caregivers.

No administrative work.
Medical assistants manage the logistics of the office, administrative tasks, and prepare for consultations, so your time is simply dedicated to your patients.

A truly collaborative team effort.
You work as a team every day, exchange weekly on practical cases, and collaborate with medical assistants to improve patient care.

A preserved work-life balance.
You are free to organize your schedule as you see fit, whether you prefer to work three days a week, finish early to pick up your children from school, or conduct teleconsultations from home.

Better care for your patients.
You benefit from cutting-edge technology to save time every day and help you better monitor your patients.

The Primary Benefits

Your unrestricted private practice

  • You are a partner and participate in the decision-making process of the clinic.
  • No rent, no fixed monthly fees. No stress.
  • Clear and advantageous remuneration.
  • Enhanced maternity or 2nd parent benefits.
  • Unlimited access to exclusive training.
  • Participation in Primary's capital.

Are you interested?

Your hassle-free private practice

Some testimonials.

This practice model is ideal. Medical assistants help us save medical time and improve the quality of our care. Impossible to go back
Dr Thevy KONG
General practitioner
You remain free to work as you please, without having to manage all the administrative burdens of a traditional private practice.
General practitioner


How to join Primary as a physician?

It all starts with a phone or video conversation, where we present the offer in detail and answer any questions you may have.

Subsequently, you will have the opportunity to meet with various members of Primary (physicians, founders) and, if you wish, visit our facilities or do a temporary placement to test our working mode.

Depending on your situation and preferences, you may to join an existing clinic or assist us in opening a new location.

I am interested, but Primary does not have a clinic in my city.

At Primary, we regularly open new practices without geographical restrictions. When we open a practice, we work closely with the practicing physicians. Therefore, it doesn't matter whether we are already established in your city: we build our clinics where you want them! So if you are interested, let's talk about it!

What is Primary's business model?

Primary is a network of medical clinics. As a physician, you are a partner within a clinic and practice as a self-employed professional.

The clinic receives fees and distributes them to the physicians based on their volume of activity. The clinic hires staff, pays rent, covers renovation costs, and manages the risks associated with loans. The majority of the income is distributed to the physician, while the rest is used to cover expenses.

I am not yet licensed, or I am looking for a placement. Can I join you?

Yes. We regularly recruit substitutes for regular placements in our existing clinics.

How is Primary different from a traditional health center?

When one hears about a network of medical clinics, it often brings to mind those health centers that seek to treat as many patients as possible, as quickly as possible, at the expense of the quality of care and the well-being of the caregivers.

At Primary, we make the opposite choice:

The majority of our patients are those under long-term care, and your entire consultation time is dedicated to treatment. Specific consultations are scheduled for preventive care.

You work as a team and are supported daily by medical assistants. Lastly, a team of engineers continuously develops new tools and software to make your life easier and improve the experience for our patients.

Are the patients those of the clinic or mine?

The patient base belongs to each individual physician.